Chloe Moretz gets asked about Brooklyn Beckham on Watch What Happens Live [September 22nd, 2014]

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Anonymous: i really miss u here


Anonymous: What Chloe blogs do you suggest since you don't post as much?


Anonymous: can you please make me a gif of dancing chloe? thanks xx

at the moment i’m not using this blog but ask ms-moretz i’m sure she’ll be happy to make it for you :)

Anonymous: Why don't you post so much anymore? I love this blog.

Sorry. I just don’t come on tumblr as much as I used to and there are so many other great Chloe blogs that I don’t feel the need to keep this up anymore. I will never delete though because maybe some day I’ll come back. I still love Chloe as much as ever and I’m so proud and happy for all of her success.

Chloë Grace Moretz attends FOX’s 2014 Teen Choice Awards

"I’ll let you go. If you stay." 

Laggies first trailer (2014)


"A lot of people are like, ‘So you want to be famous.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I want to be good at my craft. I don’t care about fame, I don’t care if I even ever make it. As long as people know what I am as an actress in this business, I’m set for my career right now.’”


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kick ass 1 or kick ass 2

chloemoretzfanz: ilysm😻i seriously stalk your acc and I've looked at all your posts until page 200..💭

haha wow!! thank you so much :) xx

New outtakes from Chloe Moretz’s photoshoot by Fabrizio Maltese

New ‘If I Stay’ poster! (full pic)

Chloe Moretz arriving at her hotel in New York City [17/6/14]

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